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R2R – Radio to Radio Recording

R2R – Radio to Radio Recording

R2R is a simple radio recording solution that allows network administrators to record, log and playback any radio talkgroup calls and phone-to-radio calls on their MOTOTRBO™ radio network.

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Recording with R2R

Teldio’s simple recording application offers its customers basic recording features to increase audit capabilities.  This data can be valuable for management teams when reviewing how past events, emergency situations, and customer requests were handled.

Radio to Radio Recording

R2R captures the voice data from talkgroup conversations on the radio network. The application only records voice transmissions so that dead air is never captured. Recording goes unnoticed by radio users and the application remains seamlessly integrated to the radio network.

Phone to Radio Recording

R2R works jointly with Teldio’s RBX +Plus, an advanced telephone interconnect, to record group and private calls made between phones and radios. The voice transmissions are automatically recorded and logged, and the solution is completely unnoticeable to all users.

R2R Features

  • Intelligent recording: no dead air is captured
  • .wav file format for easy download and playback
  • Detailed logging information (Channel ID, time and data stamp, file size)
  • Large recording capacity: records 1000’s of hours of audio
  • Archiving capability
  • Flexible recording options for both Local and Wide area channels
  • Intuitive GUI interface for easy navigation

System Architecture

R2R is a software application installed on a server which records phone-to-radio and radio talkgroup conversations.  The server interfaces to the radio system using MOTOTRBO™ control stations (mobile radios) which are connected to the server using a customized USB cable.  The number of MOTOTRBO™ control stations is defined by the number of radio talkgroups (or channels) that will be recorded.  The R2R system is compatible with all MOTOTRBO™ digital radios in Direct, Repeater, Capacity Plus, IP Site Connect and Linked Capacity Plus modes as well as with analog two-way radios.


 * To capture phone-to-radio conversations, Teldio’s RBX +Plus recording feature must be enabled.

What type of radios are compatible with R2R?

Teldio’s R2R is compatible with all Motorola MOTOTRBO™ portables and mobiles in the following radio network modes:

  • Direct Mode
  • Repeater Mode
  • IP Site Connect
  • Capacity Plus
  • Linked Capacity Plus

Customer Service Assurance

Review actions taken by mobile users in response to customer requests and complaints.

Improved Training Material

Provide employees with new training material using real-life situations and recorded radio voice transmissions.

Increased Accountability of Actions

Analyze voice transmissions of talkgroups and phone-to-radio conversations particular to situations and events under review.

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